Ohio Courthouses on the Air Special Event, August 24, 2019








Highland County’s Courthouse, Built in 1834 is the “Oldest Courthouse in Continuous Use” in the State of Ohio


Ohio Statewide Courthouses On The Air Special Event, August 24, 2019


March 20, 2019


Event Background

Last year there was the Ohio Covered Bridge Special Event that was led by John Levo, W8KIW Editor of the Highland ARC’s Monday Morning Memo. Several clubs participated and was a complete success. Additionally, there were several folks interested in Ham Radio at the event who have now become new Hams. Yes, anytime there is a public event resulting in a gain to the Ham Radio community, it is a total success. This year in keeping with the historical event series, John and the members of the Highland ARC decided to do a special event from their courthouse lawn. John published an article in the Monday Morning Memo which attracted the attention of Michael Love, WB8YKS Southern Ohio Amateur Radio Association (SOARA) PIO. John and Mike decided that there may be interest in an all-state special event celebrating the courthouses in all of Ohio’s 88 counties. Scott Yonally, N8SY Ohio Section Manager thought it was a fantastic idea and requested John and Mike to reach out across the state to determine the level of support for the event. The Ohio Section has 117 affiliated clubs of which 48 are Special Service Clubs and there are 29 PIOs. There may not be a club listed in each county by address, but we do have Hams in each county.


Promoting Ham Radio

This may be a first for the ARRL and the Ohio Section. This event has all the opportunities for a FUNFILLED family day engaging the public and our government officials. Additionally, one county’s club is partnering with their county commissioners, historical society, EMA, sheriff’s office, public library, chamber of commerce, and news media. The club has decided to use a large tent as the event will take place rain or shine. Their PIO will make handouts available about ham radio and promoting the ARRL, ARES, RACES, Ohio Section and their local club. A special focus will be made to spotlight the public awareness of the hobby and the benefits of a Ham radio license, emergency and community service. The public will be invited to talk on the radios under the direct supervision of a licensed operator. Several clubs plan to provide contact QSL cards and/or certificates to capture this historical event.

Fun for Everyone

There may be some folks dressed in period costumes providing history about their courthouse and the early days in their county. Moreover, one club has requested, August 24, 2019, to be declared as Ham Radio Day in their county, and their county commissioners have approved it.

Event Details

Yes, we are excited and hopefully you are as well, about participating in this historical Ohio Courthouses on the Air Special Event. We are requesting ALL Ohio Clubs and Hams to consider supporting this special event. The event will take place on, Saturday, August 24, 2019, from 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM. However, the hours can be extended by each club. Additionally, each club will determine the frequencies and modes they will use.

Another opportunity presents itself as the Ohio QSO Party www.ohqp.org is also on the air, Saturday, August 24th. Therefore, these two events will complement each other providing contacts not only from within Ohio but across the country. All Hams are invited to participate.

Staying in Touch

Please inform the listed contacts that your club will be participating, and the name of the county represented. Additionally, there will be updates provided in the Monday Morning Memo, the PostScript, Ohio Section Journal, and www.arrlohio.org.


Contacts for additional information:

Michael Love, WB8YKS


John Levo, W8KIW


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