CLUB OFFICERS FOR 2020 are the same as for 2019

President Tim Nicely, AC8VQ
Vice President Jerry Lockhart, W8HIC
Secretary Jim Reneau, N4REN
Treasurer David Bruce, KD8NYN
Trustee Tim Nicely, AC8VQ
Trustee Randy Franz, KD8VRU
Public Information Officer Mike Love, WB8YKS


Official Emergency Station (OES) by SOARA – ARES Arthur J. Pierson, N8LRO
Memorial Day Parade Communications Coordinator, Jim Rowe, N8TVO
Net Manager on Repeaters 146.610 and 146.715 Jim Rowe, N8TVO
Volunteer Examiner Testing Team Leader, Jerry Lockhart, W8HIC
Assistant Volunteer Examiner Testing Team Leader, Eddie Jenkins, N8URU
Grant Officer, Matt Delong, AC8JV
Repeater Coordinator 146.715, 146.610, 444.625 COREY WATSON, KD8WMV
Official Relay Station (ORS) OSSBN — vacant