Ken Massie’s WN8F 90th Birthday, August 8, 2019 Celebration Frisch’s Big Boy Ironton, Ohio


Ken Massie, is a lifetime resident of Lawrence County, Ohio.  He is also a Korean era Marine Veteran.  Ken has been and still is serving his community as an amateur radio operator; his call sign is WN8F.  He has provided emergency communications for the Lawrence County Emergency Management Agency as well as other agencies, i.e. Red Cross, Sheriff’s Office, Amateur Radio Emergency Service (ARES) and others.  Ken even participated in the MARS program during Vietnam allowing soldiers to talk with love ones in the U.S. from remote areas of Vietnam.  He has always volunteered his time and radio equipment to help others.  Additionally, he has been a mentor for many area Hams to expand their knowledge allowing them to achieve the highest level of  licensing the FCC allows for ham radio operators.  He is a volunteer with the Lawrence County Ironton Memorial Day Parade committee providing his expertise in many areas including communications for the parade.   Ken is a very unique individual.  He has an African Gray Parrot that he has taught a very extensive vocabulary.   On a personal note, Ken’s wife Avanelle passed away January 12, 2019.  They were married for 69 years.


The following is from Michael Boster, Lawrence County Emergency Management Agency, Ironton, Ohio

Elected officials and Agency Representatives:

I am pleased to share that our friend and fellow emergency support person, Ken Massie will celebrate his 90th birthday on August 8.  Mr. Massie is one of our county’s longest-serving Amateur Radio operators, aka HAM Radio, and he is honorably a US Marine Corps Veteran.  Ken is an Ironton resident and  has been involved in emergency communications support for our county since before I began working with the Emergency Management Agency over 20 years ago.  Ken Massie has been a leader in volunteering for Lawrence County; the Southern Ohio Amateur Radio Association (S.O.A.R.A.) and Ohio A.R.E.S. (Amateur Radio Emergency Service) over the years, serving in officer positions,  as the incident commander of communications events, as the publisher of the group’s web page and newsletter, as an Emergency Operations Center staffer during emergencies, as net controller over the Ironton – Lawrence County Memorial Day Parade, and many other examples of service that I am sure I have left off.  I have the greatest respect for Mr. Ken Massie and hold him in high regard; therefore, I wanted to share the opportunity to recognize his contributions to our county and its citizens with each of you.  If you can offer a moment of congratulations and appreciation to Mr. Massie in any way I am confident that he would feel both honored and blessed to have heard from you and your agency.

I have listed below a special recognition event that will take place on Thursday, August 8 to celebrate Ken Massie that was organized by Michael Love and other members and friends of SOARA.  If you cannot attend, perhaps you can find the opportunity to send a card or a note of appreciation and recognition for Ken and his milestone birthday.  Michael Love has also nominated Ken Massie for the WSAZ Hometown Hero Recognition Award as you can also read at the end of this email.

Thank you in advance for taking time to thank, recognize and honor Mr. Massie.


Ken Massie, WN8F turns 90 years young on Thursday, August 8, 2019.  We want to recognize this occasion by having a special luncheon for Ken at the Frisch’s Big Boy, 301 South 9th Street, Ironton, Ohio, August 8th from 1:00 to about 2:30.  We will meet in the reserved back dining room.  The luncheon is “Dutch Treat,” which will allow ordering from the menu, buffet, or soup and salad bar. The buffet will have chicken and pork chops as the main entrée, vegetables and full salad and soup bar $9.99, plus the drink $2.19.  The soup and salad bar is $7.59 if you do not want the full buffet and, of course, you can order from the main menu.  There are a lot of lunch options.  Sally N8QCY and I will have a special birthday cake for Ken and guests to enjoy.  This is not a surprise as it would be impossible to surprise Ken with his busy schedule, so he is aware of the luncheon and has agreed to be there.

If you do not want to have lunch that is okay, but please just stop by and wish Ken a Happy 90th Birthday.  It is impossible to set a date and time for everyone’s schedule. Therefore, if you cannot attend, please send him a card at the following address.

Ken Massie, WN8F

125 Woodlawn Drive

Ironton, Ohio 45638




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